Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Okay, there was really no chicken dinner involved.  Well, we had chicken breast roll ups.  They were tasty.  😉  During the Better Woman’s Conference we attended recently we were able to raffle off 3 baby quilts to a crowd of over 350 women!  It was an exciting weekend filled with fellowship and praise.  We so enjoyed spending 2 days with no worries, no kids, no responsibilities.  Just food, fun and friends.

Our raffle included three baby quilts (which you could see in our previous posts), we sold tickets at just $1 each or 6 for $5.  The response was overwhelming and we raised approximately $200 for travel expenses for our upcoming mission trip.  GET EXCITED!!!  It was actually better than we expected so it was quite a blessing in disguise.

Looking forward to the coming months and the possibilities in store for JHAM Kids.  I fell in love with quilting SEW much that I’m adding that to our list of sewing services.  Not only can you purchase handmade, quality boutique clothing for your little one.  You can now purchase quilts, or have us do some custom free-motion quilting work for you and binding!  We’ve even had requests for alterations and repairs.  And since I love to sew, so much……it just makes sense to take on any little stitching project that comes our way!

Stay tuned for details on other services available from JHAM Kids!  You’re gonna be SEW surprised!


Raffle Time! *update*

*More photos added!* Sorry to have been absent from blogland for so long.  Joy and I have been stitching away on various projects.  Some of them for others, and some for ourselves.  It’s nice to get a little ‘selfish sewing’ in from time to time.

We’re going to be making an appearance at the Better Woman Conference this coming Friday evening and Saturday morning, February 28th and March 1st.  It’s being held at the First Assembly of God Church activity center in Trenton, MO.  We’ll have a little booth with some cash and carry items, as well as something new and fun to check out.

Along with all that, we are going to be raffling off some quilts!!!  Yep, get ready!  ALL this week leading up to the conference you can purchase a ticket(s) for your chance to win one of 3 quilts!  There will be a baby quilt, a crib quilt and a lap quilt!  All suitable for keeping and snuggling in or gifting to someone special!

To purchase your ticket/entries you can do so online or in person at the event.  Tickets are just $5 for 6 entries!  Just imagine….getting a homemade quilt sewn with love for only $5, $10, $15, $20?!?!  That’s insane!  Baby quilts alone range in price from $75-$100 for starters and go up from there.  ALL proceeds from the raffle will go toward our travel expenses for our upcoming trip to Haiti.  Dates haven’t been finalized yet, but we love to plan ahead!  Besides…..airfare is cheaper when you plan ahead. 😉

You may purchase your entries online through paypal.  It will take any donation that you enter.  Just know that entries are done in $5 increments.  $5 – 6 entries, $10 – 12 entries, $15 – 18 entries.  Make sense?  Even if you aren’t local you can participate in our raffle!!!  The winners will be drawn at the conference on March 1st and you need not be present to win!  If you aren’t local we will ship your prize to you!!!! So spread the word!!!  Help us with our FUNdraiser!  🙂  And remember when you donate you can specify which quilt you’d like to win!  Baby / Crib / Lap Quilt…. or No Preference!  Just gimme one if I win! lol


Know that your donations are going for a great cause!  We can’t wait to return to Haiti to help with the ongoing missions that Life Connection Mission supports in Montrious, Haiti.  So here’s a sneak peak at one of the cute quilts up for grabs!!!  I will post the rest of the pics within the next 24/48 hours so you can see what there is to choose from, what the dimensions are and the fabrics used.

Thanks for supporting JHAM Kids as we help to care for ‘the least of these’.  Now go share this post!!!  😉


Please excuse my little rock magnets on the sides. I had to have something to hold it to the side of my barn! lol Those super powered rocks do the trick quite well!

IMG_0532 copy



[Flash Sale!]



Crazy North Missouri winters are sometimes such a big tease!  One minute we’re freezing, have warnings and advisories not to go outside, and the next….well, it’s a toasty warm 50 degrees.  Even as I type this, it’s snowing outside my window again, but we’re still predicted to have a high of 41 today.  Call it a mini Missouri heat wave.

IMG_2888 webIn honor of said heat wave….. We’re having a [hot] flash sale!  lol  All winter apparel you can find in the etsy store or on our facebook page is 50% off!!! For 24 hours only!!!  Hurry, grab ’em while they’re HOT!  Cuz it’s gonna get cold again….real soon.


Coats – Regular $55, now just $27.50

BOWdacious Swing Coats – Regular $30 Now only $15!!IMG_0043

And those beautiful BOWdacious Dresses – Regular $35, now just $17.50

Check out the SHOP or visit us on Facebook!  Happy Heat Wavin’! lol


Selfish Sewing *update*

*updated* Finished pics below!

IMG_0300 blog

Making boutique clothing is SEW much fun and I enjoy it tremendously.  But sometimes I get a little ‘jealous’ so to speak that I’m making all these adorable things and NOTHING fits me!  😉  Joy and I have been finding more and more designers that are making PDF patterns in adult styles and sizes and there’s a few things we’d like to make ourselves, but this selfish sew was something I knew I could whip up in no time flat and since I’ve been sick as a dog I wanted a little ‘instant gratification’.  I’d been saving these fabrics to make a quilt for our own bed, but I was on pinterest yesterday and happened to get a little sidetracked.  Imagine that.  (FYI: Pinterest is evil.  That is all.)  I starting seeing baby quilts.  And I started drooling.  And then decided to make one, weather I had someone to use it on or gift it to, or not.  So what the hey.  I’ll finish it up and stick it in the etsy shop.  Who knows maybe someone will love it as much as I do and snatch it up.  More money for the mission fund and rice and beans.  🙂  Oh, and by the way….baby quilts make great lap quilts for nesting on the couch or your favorite comfy chair while watching a movie.  And I secretly have to confess that I still sleep with a lap quilt (that I made myself).  For whatever reason I love to have something to snuggle in my face and cover my head with when I go to sleep.  True story.  I even took it to the hospital once upon a time when I had to have surgery.  I packed it all the way to Haiti with me, and even take it on trips or vacations when I get to see my sister.  Something about sleeping with a little piece of home and the smell of my blankies and bed that makes life so much better.


Please excuse the poor cell phone pic, but I was so excited to snap a pic when I got it pieced together that I couldn’t wait for the finished product.  I laid it out on the ping pong table (after I interrupted the kids’ game) and took a quick snapshot.  There is something about turquoise and orange that just melts my heart.  Seriously.  Not to mention I’m such a huge fan of all things retro and it seems more and more fabrics are going back to traditional designs of old.  The retro floral prints are beautiful but those big geometric shapes and damask details are what makes my heart go pitter patter.  Someday I’ll have grandchildren.  Hopefully.  (According to my children I’m out of luck in that regard, we shall see.)  So until then, I’ll just craft up something sweet and share it with the world.  I’ll get a better picture when it’s all finished.  In the mean time, I better get back to the sewing room.  I have a dress to finish for a designer by Friday!  I should probably be past the ‘cutting-of-the-pattern’ stage by now. ;)  Yeah.  That’d be good.

IMG_0302 blog copy

If you like this design and are looking for a pattern, good luck.  Let me know if you find any free tutorials.  I wanted a strip quilt and found a gazillion finished pics and products, but didn’t want to pay for a pattern so I made my own.  (I’ve mentioned before how much I hate math.)  I googled the dimensions for a standard baby quilt and went to work with some scratch paper and a calculator.  Who knows, maybe I’ll design and make a PDF Pattern for it and sell it online as well.  I hear there’s a market for that. ;)  Until then I’ll share it with you all for FREE.

Number of Pieces Needed & Dimensions in Inches:

  • 2 – 4 x 20
  • 2 – 4 x 11
  • 2 – 6 x 20
  • 2 – 6 x 11
  • 2 – 10 x 20
  • 2 – 10 x 11
  • 1 – 15 x 20
  • 1 – 15 x 11
  • 1 – 6 x 55

Be sure to lay out all your pieces before you go sewing them together so you have them in the right order and laying in the right direction.  Pretty easy to do from scrap yardage.  All the cuts I used in my quilt were less than 1 yard pieces.  I did have to piece the 6×55 inch strip together with two pieces, and I matched up the seam with the side seams of two of the horizontal strips.  I’ve yet to make the binding and want to find just the right piece for a backing (which you should be able to figure out what size to get for that after you piece your top together), but I’m excited and can envision just what it will look like all done and wrapped around someone’s little chunker in a snuggle fest.  I plan on just quilting it with straight stitches to match the blocks.  I’m anxious for my girlfriend to buy her new quilting machine with her income tax refund! ;)Then I’ll just pay her a nominal fee for thread and electricity and we’ll have sew much fun stitchin the days away!  Can’t wait.

If you make a strip quilt using this little ‘tutorial’ of sorts, please link it up in the comments and post pics!  I’d LOVE to see them!

*update* So I thought I’d share with you how this little jewel turned out!  I’m totally in love with the colors.  And, sadly, since I have no grandbabies yet or friends to share it with, it went up for sale in the etsy shop.  You can purchase it HERE.  Or click on the shopping link in the menu to see it and other items.  🙂  And just in case you noticed (or didn’t and I’m pointing it out now….) I ended up cutting off one of my end strips and cut into the opposite one as well.  I found the perfect piece of chevron fabric in my stash to back this little quilt with and needless to say it was just a few inches short of what I needed.  Sew I chopped off the ends a bit.  I think it’s still beautiful and melts my heart every time I look at it.  How ’bout you?


Peace Love & Sewing

I know there are more and more folks leaning toward homemade boutique clothing for their kids, but have you ever wondered why?  I think somewhere deep down we all long for ‘the good ole days’.  What used to be.  Before TV, video games and (dare I say it) the internet.  When things were simple.  Grandma was always baking cookies or poppin’ beans to can, or mending something in the sewing room.

I think more people would love to know HOW to sew.  I think more people need to remember that if we don’t pass along some of the simple things in life, they will slowly disappear.  If I had a little girl again, I’d teach her to sew.  Isn’t it funny how you realize when you’re older all the things you wish you would have done, if only……

We’ve had several people ask us about sewing lessons or starting a community sewing bee of sorts and I think it’s something Joy and I are going to seriously look into for the new year.  Until then, get your GIRLS sewing!  There’s a wonderful sewing group (among literally thousands) that we belong to on facebook and one of the ladies has begun a series called “Kids Can Sew”.  Hayley from The Mouse House will have weekly series that updates every Tuesday with lessons, tips, projects, sew alongs, and much more.  This week is an introduction and supply guide, and the following weeks will provide you with lots of different ways to get your lessons started.  If you have ever wanted to teach your child or grandchild or any other child to sew, now is the time!

Welcome to the Mouse House

We’ll put a permanent link to this series in the footer of our page so you can reference it quickly.  But bookmark it for yourself and spread the word!  I think all little girls need to sew!  It’s fun, relaxing, inspiring and you never know where it can take you.  (Did I mention I love watching Project Runway?) lol 😉

Holiday Review

We had a great time at Black Silo Winery with the Sip-n-Shop early in December.  I think they had a great turnout and the event was better than we anticipated!  Joy and I had a nice day catching up with one another.  We don’t get to see one another often enough, other than church twice a week, so it was a fun girl’s day to relax so to speak.  😉


We’ve done a few ebay sales through the holidays and finally got our etsy shop up and running.  No thanks to my little bout with walking pneumonia.  All this web design and shopping carts, domain names and dns servers is enough to drive a person back to the winery for a bottle! lol  So now that we have managed to get everything squared away, maximize our potential with the least amount of fees we are excited to have everything rolling online.


You can always check out facebook page on a regular basis to see what we’re up to, sewing on, testing for designers or how our little models are doing day to day.  We’ll try to keep the blog updated on a regular basis.  No less than once a week, hopefully MUCH more than that, and we’ll be cranking out more and more great things for you in 2014!  Joy and I have ‘BOWdacious’ goals for JHAM Kids!  There’s lots of cuties here at home in the U.S. we’d like to see wearing our clothes, and even more little ones we’d like to be able to fill their bellies with hot meals and provide an education to in Haiti.


So check in with us often, remember where to turn to when it’s time for special gift giving occasions, holidays and more.  There’s so much to come.  We thank you for your love and support over the past year.  God Bless!

Color My World

Isn’t that usually what our littles do? They color our world. Without them we’d be lost. But sometimes they tend to get a little too colorful. 😉 They want to tell the world just what they’re up to and what they think about any given topic that pops into their minds! lol There are times we’d just like them to sit quietly and learn patience (which we ALL know is a very hard thing to master). Crayon Rolls are here to help.

When you’re waiting on your order at a favorite restaurant, when you have been sitting in the doctor’s office longer than you expected (and really don’t want your little one playing with other toys that sick kids are sharing), or maybe during church service when they just need something to occupy their little hands and minds when sitting still can seem like an eternity to a child.


Pull this little roll out of the diaper bag or your purse and let your kiddo go to work. We don’t always have to have a coloring book…… restaurants sometimes have place mats or even paper covers on tables (they’re gonna throw them away you know), the waiting room usually has a receptionist willing to give you a piece of printer paper or use the back of a magazine, and well your church bulletin can be a little mini story book itself. There’s always something to color ON, but not always with. Until now. And you don’t have to worry about a box of crayons getting torn up or the crayons getting dumped, each little color has it’s place. Like little soldiers in line.


Your kid will love these!! They make great little stocking stuffers or birthday gifts, teacher gifts or exchange gifts for school parties. The possibilities are endless. Who knew crayons could be fun again?! 🙂 Ready to go shopping?! Click HERE!

Chunky Peanut Butter

Okay, I must admit every time I say our name JHAM kids…..I think peanut butter and jelly and all my favorite flavors.  Seriously do.  Strawberry being at the top of the list.  But today I’m excited about CHUNKY necklaces!  The latest and greatest fashion trend that is catching on like wildfire.  I’ve been playing around in the craft room and love to try new things all the time.  Would you love to see some Chunky Peanut Butter added to the JHAM collection?!  Or is this just a fad I can keep playing around with for my own nieces?  I love them!  Go ahead….do a google search for ‘girls chunky bead necklaces’ and look at all the blissfully sweet creations!  I dare you!  Then come back here and comment about how much you’d love to see them in our boutique!

This was at the top of the list when we did our google search! 🙂 Photo credit to Haleigh Rohner photography. Beautiful job! (We do not take credit for this photo or these necklaces in any way! )

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